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Michael and Spider - White Roses Painted Red

music noteMad Tea Party

music noteWonderland

music noteQueen of Hearts

Smoke & Mirrors - Deities

Michael and Spider (as Smoke & Mirrors) - Deities

music noteYellow Sapphire

music noteSoma, the Moon God

music noteLotus Blossom

Smoke & Mirrors - The Perfume of Creosote: Desert Exotica Part 1

Michael and Spider (as Smoke & Mirrors)
The Perfume of Creosote, Desert Exotica Part One

music noteThunderbirds

music noteThe Perfume of Creosote

music noteWhen the Devil was a Little Boy

Red Wedding 1981 - 1985

Michael and Spider (as Red Wedding)
Red Wedding 1981 - 1985

music noteAll Dressed Up

music noteSatan in Cologne

music noteMarsha in Pictures

Iridescent Garden

Michael and Spider
Iridescent Garden

music noteOpium

music noteJungle Red

music noteIridescent Garden